By Jorn Ronnau

For several years I have wanted to donate a sculpture to Tom and Sandy at Belmont Mill Artist’s Studios.

I have been staying and working here on many occasions since the very beginning of the artist’s studios project.

And thanks to their extraordinary generosity, flexibility and friendship, I have been wonderfully supported and inspired in my artistic ideas and my work as a sculptor.
Looking around the Mill I found a place where a column seemed to be missing.

I had a huge treetrunk from a previous project, and I realized that it would be perfect for a scupltural pillar.

Having wittnessed the love with which Tom and Sandy were restoring the old mill, I realized that it was the love and affection of individuals that hold up and preserve buildings and their history.

That loving support is my main issue with the Column of Hearts. The many different hearts express to me the many individuals throughout history, who have been contributing to the life and existence of this mill. Owners, workers, salesmen, families…

The treetrunk is a lime tree, whos name in latin is Tilia Cordata – meaning the lime tree with the heartshaped leaves! I have written that name on the pillar together with my signature JR 2011.

The trunk of this old lime has lots of interesting structures and colours due to its old age. That gives caracter and individuality to each heart.

The tree also has a large crack that could have been caused by a stroke of lightning many years ago. It has since unsuccessfully tried to heal the wound, that now comes to symbolise the closing of the mill many years ago.

But still going strong now with renewed energy, creativity and respect both for history and for the environment.

When I had created the sculpture I tried to guess how many hearts I had made on the trunk… I completely missed the right number!

What is your guess?

good luck with exploring the sculpture and the mill!

Jorn Ronnau
Danish sculptor