The 3 month residency provided me with a generous amount of time to explore the locality, experiment with new subjects, contexts, which have led to a new body of work that I hope to exhibit for a future solo show.

Looking back at the work made at the beginning I can see the progression and decisions I made throughout the 13 weeks. 30th August 2009

The locality has played a huge part influencing my work. I have spent time walking, collecting found objects along the roads, photographing uninhabited dwellings. All of which maintain traces of people passing through who once occupied the area.

The creative process has become much more experimental and conceptual in comparison with previous work made prior to the residency. For this development alone I feel I have fulfilled some of the expectations I had hoped for before I began.

The locality of Belmont has many historical sites, derelict buildings, canal, river Brosna etc, providing plenty of inspiration and places to visit.

Given the rural setting of the mill itself as a quiet, remote place, this leaves little distractions for artists. I found this as a positive feature as I could direct full focus on creating work.

I feel I have gained alot from the residency It’s been a great opportunity to spend a whole 3 months just creating art, with the convenience of a studio on site, living beside my workspace. The large size of the studio meant that I could work on a selection of pieces at the same time and see the connections, associations when experimenting and displaying finished pieces.

I would encourage any artist to apply for a residencey at Belmont Mill. The opportunity would provide the time and space and focus to create a strong body of work and the experience would enrich your artist career.