Sharon is from Dublin. She studied in L.I.T. Limerick and completed her BA in Fine Art from N.C.A.D. Dublin.

“Sharon Murphy – Personal Statement (23.10.2007)

As a painter and mixed media artist the grid strongly features in my work. Since beginning work at Belmont Mill, the work has slowly become influenced by the beautiful hinterland that surrounds Belmont.

I arrived here in September of this year with the task of putting together a solo show that would take place shortly after this residency ended. I was very aware of the need to fully experience the immediate area I found myself in, and was reluctant to stick strictly to the plans that I had drawn up. The local bog area, spanning Offaly and Westmeath has had a profound effect on paintings and wire pieces that I am producing. I have found myself reinterpreting my relationship with the grid, layering and stratification, the use of positive and negative space and it has induced much colour experimentation.

The studio space given to me by Tom and Sandy is the best I have ever experienced, with excellent wall space, light sources and cleaning facilities. The Mill building and land has been restored to its former appearance and the owners’ specific alterations have adapted the place into a small, self-contained artistic community.

This unique opportunity has given me a chance to share ideas, influences and work approaches with both Irish and international artists. This wonderful space gives the needed support, self-sufficiency and personal creative space that allows visual research and art-making a very natural occurrence.”