Hi, my name is Sharon Morgan and I am an artist from Belfast. I was awarded a bursary at Belmont Mill in March 2009. The Mill and the surrounding area offered a completely different backdrop for my work. Growing up in the city, my work always had an urban feel to it . The residency in Belmont Mill offered complete peace and tranquility to work in. Whilst exploring the Midlands of Ireland, I found myself drawn to hidden trails within the forest which lead me to develop a theme for my work ‘Into the Forest’ I was interested in the aesthetic values of the thin trails with trees curling over, the silouhette of branches on a moonlit sky, the linear qualities found in the very thick of the forest and most importantly that sense of being enchanted and lost in the forest. This actually happened, I did get enchanted by the visuals of the forest at twilight and as a result, terribly lost in the forest ! I liked the idea of wandering off the main track qnd exploring the hidden places in the forest where few humans tread and a whole other world exists.

The town of Belmont was rich with characters and offered lively music, craic and an enthusiasm for the arts. A big Thank you to Mark, the fiddle maker who was very kind in helping me to settle in, Ray, Alan, Stephen and John, the local musicians for the music and craic. A special thank you to Tom, Sandy and family for the fantastic opportunity and continued support for the arts.