23Belmont Mill residency proposal

The idea is the most important aspect in my work and before I start I know how the artwork will turn out.

The main theme in my artworks is showing the contrast between two extremes. I am a complex woman who has moved from Iran (a conservative Muslim country) to another conservative and mainly Catholic country, Ireland.

In my new project I am depicting the beautiful symbols in Catholic and Moslem culture in the same artwork. The clumsiness and incorrect proportions can be seen in both traditional religious Iranian paintings and Celtic Catholic paintings. I am fascinated by the innocence and naïve way of looking at religion.

During my staying in Belmont I had the opportunity to work in a large quiet studio and concentrate on my project. The studio is perfect for working on installation works and making models which I did. The village of Belmont itself is inspiring and the local people are very friendly. Thus, everything is ideal for a creative artist to be productive. In this regard, I am planning to work on a project about local people in Belmont. I intend to draw portraits of about 12 people I met in Belmont during my stay here. I chose these people because of their interesting character or work. The portraits will incorporate a Persian touch and I plan to exhibit these works in the nice gallery space in Belmont Mill in 2011.