21Kennedy’s work is invested in the potential of a socially engaged practice which addresses specific environmental, social, aesthetic and economic concerns within located contexts. These iniatives can provide viewpoints that are both people and place-specific, contrary to more centralised sytems of mediation, power and control.

Kennedy has received numerous awards and bursaries for his practice including awards from the Irish Arts Council, a 2008 LAMA Award, Culture Ireland awards and awards from several Local Authorities.

His ongoing work investigates landscape, local resources, craft and social values vis-a-vis the recnt arrival of the IKEA phenomenon in Ireland.
Part of the work will involve a “pilgrimage” to the home town of IKEA in remote Sweden.

The actual work processes and materials explored to date regarding this work involve the milling and seasoning of the invasive shrub Rhododendron. He is currently seasoning a batch of milled rhododendron, some of which he will begin to work into “IKEAesque” articles.

The work done here at Belmont will be exhibited in early 2011.