18Time and space are the most important resources an artist can have.

The artist residency at Belmont Mill provides these two resources which are vital to the sustainability of an artist’s practice. In conjunction with this the location of the Mill provides artists with an environment that is rich in subject matter and inspiration. The surrounding landscape, events in the locality such as Birr vintage week and places like Boora Sculpture Park, ensure the artist is immersed in a creative environment.

Tom, Sandy, their family and the people who have workshops and studios within the mill complex were not only welcoming and helpful but engaged with the artists and their work, asking questions and providing stimulating conversation which is of paramount importance when producing a new body of work.

As an artist who graduated from college a year ago the opportunity to do the residency in Belmont was an invaluable one. Having time and space to engage in a new body of work in an atmosphere which cultivates creativity and an artistic method of thinking has developed my artists practice, driving it forward in a manner which is simply not achievable without residencies such as this. Mt time spent in Belmont has been both challenging and stimulating. It has restored faith in the choice to be a visual artist and the importance of such a vocation.

I would like to thank Sandy, Tom, Heera and Ramani for the opportunity to come here and all their help and also everyone else at the mill and in Belmont for making it such a fantastic experience. 30 th August 2009