9Claudia is German but lives in England. She obtained her BA in Fine Art, Painting from St. Martins London then carried out her Post graduate Diploma at Royal Academy School in London. She has had many solo exhibitions in London, Berlin and Ipswich.

“I am here in Ireland to deepen my relationship with painting. Since my arrival in September I have been following three main threads:

I am reflecting on the space of what I see and what I make of it. What is it about a location where I am able to converse with perception and experience?

Secondly I am exploring boundaries of observation, representation and abstraction. What is it in a place that enhances my imagination?

The third focus is on handling materials and how this relationship {with paints, rags, oils, boards, masking tape, stencils etc} generates evidence and expression of being in the world.

This is an amazing place and time with people, and a mode of being where painting can happen.

October 2007″